Get Your Brand Noticed

One of the biggest differentiators of your business is the logo. This is what you want your students to recognize right away.

A logo is a symbol of your vision, so it should be relevant to what you do and be relevant to your business. Your logo is possibly one of the biggest factors in your brand identity, so it needs to be good.


The Problem

You're a yoga professional, not a big time graphic designer! Creating a logo on your own may be time consuming and the end results won't be what you expect.

If your logo does not look clean, polished and professional then it will set a bad example for the rest of your business. Even though your brand logo has nothing to do with your yoga skills!

The Goal

  • Attract new customers
  • Develop your brand identity
  • Create a memorable logo
  • Identifying what makes your business different
  • Improve brand loyalty