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We take care of all your IT operations and marketing activities. You can focus on your patients.

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Step : 1

Request a free demo for 30 minutes. One of our healthcare marketing experts will get in contact with you and confirm your 30-minute free demo session. Not only do we provide you 24*7 customer support, but also your work with your dedicated Clinicontop Guru. Clinicontop Guru is your dedicated success manager who will get you on board, help you with the entire technology transition, strategize your marketing plan, execute online reputation campaigns, and upscale your SEO.

Step : 2

Patients come to you from multiple channel platforms.A Successful online reputation creates an enormous opportunity for your clinic to receive new patients from different vertical channels. For example, website, social media platforms, google listing, local listing, classified listing , and other customized marketing campaigns or promotional offers.

Step : 3

Patients can schedule appointments online or offline with simple process. We make it easy for patients to book their appointment in no time.

Step : 4

You get patient feedback on time. With automated follow-up emails and review reminders, you get valuable feedback from your patients on time.

Step: 5

We show you results in real-time. See your patient growth in real-time. Witness the technological revolution we bring for your clinic's growth and you continuously expand.

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